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Friday, 03 June 2011 23:21


Bases Overview: Bases is a fast-paced outdoor game combining elements of ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF), flag football, and role playing. Bring and drink plenty of water, and take a break between games to rest and collaborate. Please read the clarifying ‘Notes’ after each section for important information and tips. Objectives for Winning: A Game: a single play-through that is won when one team destroys their opponent’s Home base. The Match: the combination of a few or several games that is won when a team reaches the score the teams have chosen beforehand. Scores are not added up until the end of each game. A team receives 3 points each time they destroy their opponent’s Home base, 1 point for every opponent Field base they destroy, and 1 point for each Field base they build (even if it is later destroyed). Note: Make the teams as balanced as possible, and readjust if necessary. While playing, the most important things to keep in mind are safety and honesty - both serious injury and dishonesty will ruin any game. What You’ll Need: People: At least 5 players per team - there is no maximum limit. Flag Football Belts and Flags: Each player needs a belt with 2-3 removable flags that match his or her team’s color. If there are extra belts and flags, use them for the Home and Field bases. If not, you’ll need something like colored bandannas or cloth strips. Space: At an urban, suburban, or rural setting. For safety reasons, decide if boundaries are needed and where. Note: There are no ‘safe’ zones or areas where players are immune from having their flags stolen. With large fields or large teams, you may want to have phones so you can communicate with each other. Player Elimination: When all of a player\'s flags are stolen, they have been eliminated, can no longer steal flags, and must ‘Recharge’ to continue playing. To Recharge, they should pick up their flags and return to a team base to put them back on. If a player has lost 1 or more flags, but not all of them, he or she can return to a base to place the flags back on. Note: The eliminated player is responsible for finding his or her own flags. It is important that players who stole an opponents’ flags do not throw or hide them, but drop them in an obvious place or give them back to their opponent. If a player has had a flag stolen, but still has another, they should keep the unattached flag with them. Team Bases: Home Base: 1-3 Home flags are used to mark a team’s Home base (1-2 if the belts have just 2 flags). The the belt with flags is fastened, or just flags, are placed onto something, like a tree, that serves as the team’s Home base and acts as a Recharge location. Both teams should agree on the placement of each other’s Home flags before the match begins. Field Base: 1-3 Field flags are used to mark a team’s Field bases (1-2 if your belts have just 2 flags). Like the Home base, these serve as Recharge locations. Before the match begins, teams choose specific locations where Field bases can be built. Field bases can only be built at these locations. There may be 1-2 Field base locations near each team’s Home base, and 1-3 somewhere near the middle of the field. We suggest selecting 2-3 total Field base locations for every 10 total players. At the beginning of each game, the base locations near each team’s Home base belong to them, and are marked by the team’s Field flags. The base locations near the middle of the field are neutral, and can be built by either team. Neutral bases need to be obvious or marked with something like a belt without flags. If a base is destroyed, either team can rebuild at the base location. Note: When deciding what locations to use for bases, make sure they are evenly distributed across the field. Field bases that belong to teams at the beginning of the game do not count towards their game score, only those built during the game. All base flags should always be in plain sight and within reach. Protecting Bases: To protect their Home and Field bases, a team assigns Defenders to them (see ‘Player Units’ below). A base can have 1 Defender for each of its base flags, meaning teams can assign up to 3 Defenders to a Home or Field base that has 3 base flags (if using belts with just 2 flags, teams can assign up to 2 Defenders to each base). Destroying Bases: To destroy a base, an opponent player must remove the Home or Field flags. Players cannot remove an opponent base’s flags until all of its Defenders have been eliminated. Player Units: 1. Attackers: Attackers wear 2 belt flags, with 1 on each side. They focus on eliminating opponents by stealing their flags or destroying their bases. Attackers may begin the game at any of the team’s Home or Field bases. 2. Defenders: Defenders have the most important role in the game. They wear 2 belt flags, with 1 on each side, but their belt is put on backwards. At the beginning of the game, each team base should have at least one Defender. Defenders steal flags, but mostly focus on building, defending, and representing their team’s bases. Building: To build a base, a Defender places Field flags, or a belt with Field flags, onto a Field base location. Defenders should carry the belt and/or flags in their non-dominant hand. If the Defender is eliminated before building a Field base, he or she must return to the Home base with the Field flags to Recharge. Defending & Representing: 1. A base’s original Defenders are the only players that can represent that Home or Field base. Once a base is built and its Defenders are assigned, teams cannot add base flags or Defenders to it later in the game. 2. Defenders must stay within about 5 yards of the base. If they leave the 5-yard radius, they become an Attacker, and the base loses a Defender. 3. Defenders must Recharge at a different base when eliminated to continue playing as the base’s Defender. Defenders that Recharge at a different base can return to represent it, if it hasn’t been destroyed. If they Recharge at the base they represent, including Home base, they become an Attacker or other unit. If they’ve lost some but not all of their flags, Defenders can find and replace their stolen flags at the base they are defending. Note: Defenders can voluntarily leave the base’s 5-yard radius and become extra Attackers, Defenders of a base to be built, or other units. If there is ever any question about a 5-yard radius, use the Defender\'s striding pace as a yard. When a Field base has been destroyed, the last Defender eliminated should take the Field flags back to the team’s Home base. For small teams, it’s best that no more than half your players are Defenders. From the author: If you have any ideas, feedback, or suggestions for this game, or would like the extended rules that include more player units, I would love to hear about it! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:33

dizzy kickball

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Form teams for kickball. All the same rules apply. The only twist is right before the kids kick the ball they have to spin around several times, enough to make them very, very dizzy. Your kids will have a blast!
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:31


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My youth group loves this one.. Things you will need: 1 flashlight per person Large Area to hide (we used our front yard that has tons of hills, trees and rocks to hide behind, it has to be dark outside) Set boundries depending on the groups size It is super hard to find one person hiding in the dark.. You pick one person from the group to be "it", they go and hide and the rest of the group counts to 20. At 20 the group spreads out and turns on there flashlights to try and find "it".. "It" does not need a flashlight. When a person from the group finds "it" they hide with and so on, until there is only one person left looking for "it" We had a group of about ten. There was once in the game when 9 of us were dog piled on top of eachother while the last person looked for us.. It was great! Once you know there is one person left you can let them look for you more or call out "YOUR IT" and they become "it"
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:30


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This is a high energy game modeled after Ultimate Frisbee. Supplies Needed: Two Hula Hoops One Sock full of Rice or Flour Outdoor Playing Field We vary the playing field based on the # of people playing. The basic set-up is that you place a hula hoop at each end of the playing field and have one member of each team stand inside the hoop. They become the "goals". The "goals" are not allowed to move outside of the hoop, but can dodge and duck within the hoop. A goal is scored by striking the opposing teams "goal" with the sock. The rules for advancing the sock are like the rules of ultimate frisbee. The sock must be advanced by passing it from teammate to teammate down the field. Once the sock is caught, the player can take three steps, and then must pass it off the another teammate. (On smaller fields, we change it so that NO steps are allowed). The defending team cannot tackle or strip the sock away from the offensive team. They can intercept passes, guard the "goal" --basically like a game of keep-away. Posession changes anytime the sock is dropped or intercepted. Our teens LOVE this game...for a messier version, fill the sock with flour instead of rice.
Sunday, 04 March 2007 20:02

Egg Head

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This game is great for any size youth. This is how it goes: Step 1: Split the youth into 2 or 4 teams, and get an even amount of people from every team to do the following: Step 2: You stick a raw egg in a stocking, and stick the stocking on your head. Now what you have is a ticking time bomb waiting to get exploded. Step 3: give everyone pool noodles (oh yeah) Step 4: Let them loose! Winner is the person with their egg intact. GREAT GAME that works weather you have 2 people in the game or 20 (i've done it and it was great)
Monday, 25 July 2005 17:52

The garbage game

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Heres how it works: You need to set up two territories with a no mans land. and divided your group into 2 teams. You also need 2 small garbage cans (1 per team), 50 pieces of crumpled paper (25 per team) and 4 "Jail break cards" (2 per team). The goal is to sneak your trash into your enemies garbage can, so that your can has the least. Rules: 1. some one from each team must stay at a jail (the team will decide) at all times. They may only guard prisoners and if anyone passes them a "jail break card then all in the jail are free. 2. KEY RULE - AT ANY TIME ANY PERSON (accept jailer) MAY BE STOPPED (by 2 hand touch) AND MUST GIVE UP ANYTHING (GARBAGE OR JAIL BREAK CARDS) THAT THEY HAVE... IF THEY HAVE SOMETHING THE STUFF IS TAKEN AND USED BY THE OTHER TEAM AND THAT PERSON IS PLACED IN JAIL... IF THEY ARE STOPED AND HAVE NOTHING... THE PERSON BEING SEARCHED MAY TAKE THE SEARCHER TO JAIL. therfore be sure they have something before you stop someone or you might be put in jail. Everything taken by a search belongs to the other team (more garbage to sneak and jail braeak cards) 3. no garbage may be taken from the cans once it is droped in... no one may guard the can... the winner is the team that has the least amount of garbage when all 50 pieces of garbage are in the cans. This is a fun game that can go any way each time... i have seen teams go out trying to smuggle nothing and litterally put the other team all in jail before the even attempted to smuggle garbage, while others have sent all the garbage with 1 person, who made it through to give thier team 25 , so that all they need was one more to win. Some make it thier goal to get all 4 jail break cards so that the other team can't get out of jail any more.... you don't have to run, everyone can take part and it's an interesting game every time we play it!
Friday, 03 December 2004 12:38

Barrel crossing

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This is a good camp game. Get big plastic barrels the youth can wear over their heads. Only their legs should hang out. You paint lines on a field where the lines cross(it should look like a wheel if you were to look down at it. You put half of a team on each side of the line, with as many teams as you have lines. The first person in line races across with this barrel on their head, and switch off with the first person on the other end of the line. They look down and follow their painted line to the other side. Have an adult their to make sure they don't get to far off the line. Once there, they switch with the first person in line and that person goes back across. Go until one team has every team member finish. The fun is in the middle where everyone is crossing. Make sure you have adults ready so they don't plow over each other to badly. We did this game and had a blast.
Thursday, 18 November 2004 01:33

Scavenger Hunt Rules

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Scavenger Hunt Rules – DON’T TOUCH the other team’s clues. We have backup clues, and we WILL find out who sabotaged the other teams All team members must get out of the car, find the clue, and read it aloud before getting back into the vehicle. ALL CLUES must be found in order. You must find the next clue based on the instructed order. All clues & envelopes must be brought back to youth house to declare the final winner. Sonic orders for winning team Review with adult drivers: No helping with the clues or finding the clues Enforce the rules – all kids must get out of car, switch places & turns Give copy of their team’s clues… If clue is legitimately not there, read next clue for them Clues must be done in order
Thursday, 18 November 2004 01:32

Rhyming Scavenger Hunt Clues

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Youth House This is a place you know all too well You’re here at least once each week This gray & red House is home to us all Come inside and take a peek KHS Parking Lot Those of you who are 16 & older know this place very well You park right here 5 days a week and rush before the bell. In this place there are several poles that help to light the way Be smart, my friends, don’t blow it now, The lights will show you the way! Kingfisher Library You may not go here too often, It houses periodicals, research materials, and even tapes “Check out” the handicapped parking spot, And your team will be in good shape. Bricks This is a place that has a few pumps It’s visited by cars and trucks alike. Look for the green shamrock sign, Go inside, or take a hike. Once you’re inside Look under the box Of the candy bar that will “give you a break” Johnsons Jeff and Amy drive only Dodges and Chryslers That they buy from a very good name As you enter this lot, look for a sign With a price guarantee all the same Charlie’s House This place is near the church and has a new tenant there. You may have noticed each Sunday, that this tenant has short red hair. Kindly approach the front door, and softly ring the bell And this tenant will give the next clue, and bid your team farewell. Chisholm Trail Museum In the good old days of horses and covered wagons, those wagons made a trail You can go here to find old souvenirs, they even have a small jail. Once you’re there, you’ll see a black bell Find your clue there, and your team will be doing well! Walters Building Center Building a deck? How about a new fence? Well this is the place to come. Check out the fort in the front of this store And your team may be number 1! Middle School Robert, Shae, Drew, Summer, Chris, Arial, Blake and others Are familiar with this bench. It’s shaped like a class’s graduation year Finding it should be a cinch!
Sunday, 26 September 2004 21:00

Bible Smuggling

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Your mission should you choose to accept: You are missionaries trying to smuggle bibles into 'foreign' lands that are closed to the Gospel. What you should watch for: Military Police who are trying to stop you from smugging the Gospel into their lands. This game is very high activity, what we do is set out an area on a map and the youth have to make it from point "A" to point "B" without getting caught (On Foot). The more people the better. The Military Police are in Vehicles. We also setup a designated jail and lock the youth up. This is a great game to get your local church body involved in as well (acting as the smugglers or MP's) There are various rules you can use, 1)Youth must stay in public lighted areas and not go out side of boundaries set. also can't enter buildings to hide. 2) They must have their 'bible' at all times can't toss it and pretend they don't have it. 3) Must complete with entire team. 4) Once caught there is NO escaping.
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