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Friday, 02 May 2003 12:50

Water War

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we set a few ground rules (some safe havens and off-limits areas), divided up the leftover water balloons, provided a hose for each team, they had their own water guns, and we'd let them at it - usually for 20 minutes or so. Watermelon was our snack, of course, and everybody helped pick up broken balloons afterwards.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

Water Olympics

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We did a "The-Olympics-Aren't-Over-Yet-Water-Olympics" with our middle school students. It was a big hit. I've included the games that we played for any who are interested. This is a great low-cost outreach idea. "Heave-Ho" and "Fizzler Tag" were the biggest hits of the evening. The kids came "prepared to get wet" and brought their own squirt guns. I had a few extras for those that forgot. Also, I prepared the water balloons (10-15 per person, I did about 450) ahead of time to keep the evening "flowing" well. Great fun! Water Olympics Idea Sheet - ------------------------------------------------------------------- Heave-Ho: use a regular volleyball net, lots of water balloons, and two king-sized sheets or blankets. Each team gets a sheet, and the entire team surrounds the sheet, holding it by the edges. A water balloon is placed in the middle of the serving team's sheet, and the team must lob the balloon over the net using the sheet like a trampoline. The other team must catch the balloon on their sheet (without breaking it) and then heave it back over the net to the other team. If it goes out-of-bounds or lands back in their side of the court, they lose the point (or serve). If the receiving team fails to catch it or if it breaks in-bounds, then they lose the point. The scoring is the same as in regular volleyball. Teams can be any size, but if too many people are around the sheet, it becomes difficult to move quickly. The game requires teamwork and is perfect for a hot day Soaker: one person throws a water balloon high in the air and calls out another player's name or number. The player so called must catch the balloon. If the player succeeds at catching it unbroken, she gets a free shot at the thrower who called her name and gets her turn at throwing a water balloon up and calling another's name. Sponge Dodge: on an open lawn, take along four or five five-gallon buckets and an equal number of sponges. Mark out a circle somehow and place the buckets around the perimeter. Half fill them with water, and drop a sponge or two in each. After the entire group gets in the circle, the leader soaks the first sponge and throws. Those who get hit join the leader around the edge, and the game continues until only one is left--the winner. Sponges that drop inside the circle can be retrieved by any thrower, but they must be dipped again before they are thrown. Variations: Reverse the game: when someone is hit, the thrower joins those inside the circle. Last one on the perimeter loses. Play by teams: time how long it takes for one team to get all members of an opposing team hit and out of the circle. Shortest time wins. Or set a time limit the winning team has the most members still in the circle when the clock runs out. Run the game indefinitely, with no winners or losers: begin the game with five inside the circle. Whoever makes a hit trades places with the victim. Fizzler Tag: drill a small hole in the center of as many Alka-Seltzer tablets as you have kids, and then run a string through each tablet in order to hang it loosely around a player's neck. Have each player bring a squirt gun, provide several full buckets of water out-of-bounds for refills, and begin the game. The object? When a player's Alka-Seltzer tablet gets hit enough and dissolves sufficiently to drop off the string, that player is out. To shorten the game, bring out the garden hose! Water Balloon Shot Put: see who can toss a water balloon the farthest. For added incentive, have a leader stand just out of reach of the players for a target. Water Balloon Blitz: this is simply an all-out water balloon war. Divide into teams, and give each team ten balloons per player and time to fill them all up with water. At the signal, everybody starts throwing water balloons until supplies run out. Anything goes. Judges choose the winner based on which team is driest.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

Water Decathlon

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Great idea for a swimming party. Teams have 10 members each and 10 places around the pool are marked for each team's station. Sample events: 1.) Swim across the pool with an egg balanced in a spoon. If the egg falls, the swimmer must retrieve it and continue. 2.) Dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a brick. 3.) Swim across the pool with a tether ball tied to each ankle. 4.) Dive and swim underwater across the pool 5.) Dunk the youth leader in the pool. The contestant must hit a target of some sort and if he/she does, the youth leader is pushed off the diving board
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

Water Balloon Soccer

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Divide the group into as many teams of 10-15 as you can. Before the game fill a minimum of three water balloons per team member. Also prepare one hat or helmet per team: with duct tape, affix tacks (point out) to a helmet or cap. The hat is then placed on an X on the ground about 20 feet from the starting line. On a signal the first person in line for each team runs to the hat and puts it on. the second person in the line lobs a balloon in the air towards the first person, who attempts to break the balloon with the hat. If the first balloon misses then they use the second one and third one. If he still doesn't puncture a balloon then he puts the hat down, goes to the end of the line and the next team member dons the hat. The first team to cycle through their line wins.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

Water Ball Samurai

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The object of this game is to hit the other team's samurai with a water-soaked foam ball as many times as possible in one minute. Materials needed: wiffle bat, foam ball (at least six), water buckets (3), a step stool (from a water fountain), time keeper and point counter, chalk or tape. Make boundaries for the game by drawing or marking with tape a six-foot diameter circle. Place the low stool in the center of the circle. 15 feet outside the circle place three buckets on a line. Divide the group into teams of 5 or 6 players and have each team select a samurai. The samurai from the defending team stands on the stool and may not step off during the round. The remainder of the team position themselves on the perimeter of the circle to protect their samurai. The must stay on the line of the circle. Their samurai defends himself from the water balls with the wiffle bat. The opposing team stands behind the water bucket line and throws the water soaked balls at the samurai., attempting to hit him. If a ball falls short of the circle the thrower may run and retrieve it who can either take it back to the bucket line or re-throw it from where he is standing. The opposing team may not enter into the circle. The round is one minute or all of the water balls are inside the circle. One point for each time the samurai is hit and one point for every time he is knocked off the stool. If you have a large group have several different bucket line going.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

War Ball

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You need to make a circle with lime or powder on the grass about 20-30 feet in diamiter, the size can vary, depending on the group. Then divide the circle into 4 equal sections. Create four teams and place one team per section. Then you place however many soft nerf like balls you want in the middle of the circle. You then line the kids up outside the circle, but still in their section. When your ready scream "Go" and tell them to runin and grab the balls and begin to pelt each other! if your hit your out if you step outside the circle your out, or if someone catches a ball you threw you are out. Don't know what it is but The youth Love it! Enjoy!
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:49

Volley Tennis

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Pick teams like you would for volleyball. Players take their sides. Flip a coin for which team gets to serve. Server must serve the ball to his own teammate. That teammate must get the ball to the other side of the net to the opposing team. The opposing team must allow the ball to hit the ground before hitting it back over. Like volleyball the ball may be hit a maximum of three times; however, each time before it is hit it must touch the ground. Score can be up to each youth group. You can score like volleyball where only serving team can score a point. Or you can score where a point is scored no matter who's serving. Use the rest of volleyball rules (e.g.. switch side at 10 points, game ends whoever gets 15, 21, etc first, switch sides each game, play best out of three, five, etc.)
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:48

Volley Mitten

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This game is like volley ball and bad mitten but it has a twist. Have 2 groups form, and give both teams 2 raquets, they play like regular bad mitten but hears the catch, they rotate like they would in volley ball, and just like volley ball they can only hit it 1 time a person, so they have to give the raquet to the person to the right of them as soon as they hit the bird. And at the same time they have to rotate, so in effect they are rotating every time some one hits the bird, Got it? Also to make it more like volley ball there can only be one raquet in the front and only one in the back at any time during the game. They win when one team gets to 15, or what ever # you choose. If this sounds confusing you can e-mail me. Have fun.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:48

Ultimate Pookie

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The exhaustive rules to ULTIMATE POOKIE: -This is a version of Ultimate Frisbee. (Same as Ultimate Football) -In Ultimate Frisbee, you mark off a field, including an end zone (using cones). For the new version, a basketball court works well with 20-30 players (10-15 VS 10-15). So a larger group with 60 should use a larger field. A full football field is plain ridiculous. -The object of Ultimate Frisbee is to get the Frisbee into the other team's end zone, or, if you're playing in an indoor court, the object is to tag the opposite wall (or pole) with the Frisbee in hand, to score. -You cannot run with the Frisbee while you have it. You can only run without the Frisbee. So when you catch the Frisbee, you can't move your pivot foot (so you can turn), and you must pass it to a team mate. -If the Frisbee is intercepted or caught by the other team, then the Frisbee changes directions and it's the other team's turn for offense. -If on defense, you must give the offensive player with the Frisbee five feet of room. -An average game will go to 5, a long game will go to 10. -After the offense scores, the defense now gets the Frisbee. -So here's the difference with Ultimate Pookie: A Pookie is a Teddy bear named after Garfield's Teddy bear. You use the Pookie instead of the Frisbee. Make sure the Pookie is relatively new and won't break, and try to make it as big as possible. If you are play Capture the Pookie, it's a good idea to use the same Pookie. -The only difference (other than the Pookie) is that Pookies are more fun to throw then Frisbees but don't travel as far, so it's a good idea to make the playing field smaller for Capture the Pookie (basketball court for 30, twice as wide for 60). -Another version: Ultimate Chicken. Best played in the mud, with Ultimate Chicken you use a live chicken (yes, it's been done and it is fun!). -Another version of mine is Ultimate Sponge. This is a summer game played in hot weather. Instead of end zones, there are buckets full of water. You use a sponge instead of a Frisbee. The sponge must be dunked by hand into the bucket to score. If the sponge is intercepted near the bucket, it should be duked anyway to be "refilled".
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:48

Ultimate Human Foosball

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OK, so the $0 cost is the cost of playing... AFTER you buy the supplies ($50-100 one time). (But most of the supplies can be gathered up from the church storeroom anyway.) ;-) Preparation: You buy those spiral pet anchors for as many as you want on the field (usually 9 per team). You tie 1/4" polyprop line to each-about 10" long. Attach a 1" metal ring to the other. Pulling the line through the metal ring that it is tied to, creates a "noose" to go around the player's ankle. Prior to each game you screw the anchors into the field. Be careful to position them close enough together, about 15 feet, so that players can interact. (A variation is to leave the anchors in the field, if you have that option, and use some type of snap on that end of the line.) You use a net or two cones at each end of the field for goals. Position the playing field as below for team "X" and team "O", "G" is for goal: __________________________ | X O X O X O | | | XG X O X O X O OG | | | X O X O X O | -------------------------- Basically it's soccer, except that you are tied (literally) in one place. Which brings me to the part where I say... Don't come crying to me if someone gets hurt. The combination of kids running full speed while being tethered on a ten foot leash... well you get the picture. They can run into each other; the ropes can become tangled; and of course they can simply "run out of rope"! The least you can expect is a few rope burns (though heavy socks help). So if you want to test you church's insurance-go for it! The kids will love it!
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