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Friday, 02 May 2003 12:47

Team Dodgeball

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Break into at several teams (depending on how many kids you have). Place one team in the middle of the circle (the other teams forming the outer circle). At the word "Go" the teams in the outer circle throw Nerf type balls (at least 5 balls or more!) at the team in the center trying to hit each person. The team that stays in the center circle the longest (by time) before getting out is the winner!
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:47

Streets and Alleys

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This is best with groups of at least 20 people (the larger the better). Set aside any two people from your group. Have the rest of the group form a grid (4x4, 5x5, 4x5, etc) standing 3 to 4 feet apart from each other. Have everyone face the same direction and hold their arms straight out to the side. This formation is called "streets". Have everyone turn 90 degrees to the right and continue to hold their arms out. This formation is called "alleys". Now from the two people you set aside, choose on of them to chase the other one through the "streets" and "alleys". Have someone (most likely yourself) designated to call (and change) the formations the chase is running through. Play until the chaser tags the chasee. Pick two new people and play again. STREETS ALLEYS -V--V--V--V--V- > > > > > | | | | | -V--V--V--V--V- > > > > > | | | | | -V--V--V--V--V- > > > > >
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:47

Starwars Wide Game

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(best just to print out...) ----------------------------------- Materials -------------- -Nerf Balls (Hand size) - 6 -Tennis Balls - 6 -Racquetballs - 6 -Key Rings - 2/person -Very firm paper (1inch by 2.5inch) -colors and amount defined in instructions -Rags (2-3ft long) - 4 -Garbage cans - 2 -Center line markers ------------------------------------- Characters ---------------- (this is per team) Rebel insignia's are in brackets CAPITAL SHIPS= Star Destroyer (Mon-Calamari Cruiser) -1- (2 people with legs tied together with the rags, one leg of person one, to one leg of person 2) SUPER PLAYERS= Slave-1 (Millennium Falcon) - 1- (fastest or most agile person on team) ATTACKERS= TIE-Bomber (Y-Wing) -2- (Second and third most agile persons on team) DRONES= TIE-Fighter (X-Wing) -Rest of players- --------------------------------------- Tags ---------------- Capital Ships - 3 tags, BLUE Super Players - 4 tags, WHITE, 2 tags RED Attackers - 4 tags, WHITE Drones - 8 tags, YELLOW --------------------------------------- Instructions ---------------- Split into 2 even teams, of course Rebels and Imperials (Extra's will be explained later). Assign Players. Each team has 6 balls (the tennis sized ones). The object of the game, is to get these balls (or bombs) into the other teams garbage can. When all 6 balls are in, the game is over.A player can only deposit one bomb per run. If the player gets it in, he gets a free walk back. The different colored tags, are to define who can attack (tag) each other in the game hierarchy.-Blue can attack anyone, White can attack anyone but blue, Yellow can tag only Yellow.If you are tagged, you must give up a tag to the person that tagged you. When you are out of tags, you are dead and become a asteroid. (Explained later) and the player gets a free walk back to the home base.Now, the capital ships have 3 balls each. (the hand sized ones) that they can throw these balls at anyone. If they hit, it is counted as a tag, and they have to give up a tag just as a regular hit.Asteroids are if there are un-even people and when people are dead. They sit within 5 ft on either side of the center line and are neutral. They can tag anyone that comes within the 5 ft of the center line.The rest of the rules are the same as a regular Wide game. (if you do not know the rules, they are written below)The Red cards are Hyperspace cards. If the Super player gets caught, he can opt to use a Hyperspace instead of giving up a white card. This means everyone freezes but him for 5 seconds. He can run anywhere he wants in that 5 seconds. He can deposit a bomb or whatever. (only one per run though, remember.)------------------------- Wide Game Rules ----------------- 2 teams 2 sidesEach team is safe on there own side. when they attack, or go on the other side of the center line, they can be caught. if all the flags or whatever are deposited on the other side, the team wins. That's the Starwars Wide game
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:47

Socialistic Frisbee

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OBJECT OF THE GAME* Everyone on the team must catch the Frisbee in order to score a point.OFFENSE ("O" team with Frisbee)*After catching the Frisbee you must sit down in your spot where you caught the Frisbee. *After catching the Frisbee, the O player may toss it to a teammate before sitting down. * Person with Frisbee cannot run with it, he/she must throw it from that spot. *Players sitting down may still participate. *Player who starts the passing for a team is called a "roamer" and never sits down during his team's possession. The roamers job is to pass the Frisbee to all the teammates. Teammates can pass it to other teammates, not just to the roamer. *The team gets a point when the last person besides the roamer sits down. *Dropped passes are acceptable as long as the person who drops it, recovers it.*If the Frisbee changes possession before scoring a point, all those sitting down may stand up and play defense.DEFENSE (team trying to intercept the Frisbee) * Must stand one full stride away from the offensive player with the Frisbee. *There are four ways for the defense to take possession of the Frisbee (thus becoming the offensive team). 1. If the other team scores a point. 2. If the Frisbee is not touched by anyone and the defensive player gets to the Frisbee first. 3. Retrieves an Offense dropped pass before the O player retrieves it. 4. If the defensive player catches the Frisbee cleanly. If it is dropped, it goes to the closest person on offense. (Remember, the offensive player sits down when he/she catches the Frisbee, the defense never sits down. This rule can be modified, I use it to help out the offensive team.) *The player on the defensive team that intercepts a pass becomes the roamer and they become the offensive team. Everyone Plays to Win
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:46

Snowless Snowball Fight

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This is a fun game to play if you like having snowball fights, but do not have any snow. You'll need white pantyhose and flour to make the snowballs and how many depends on your groupsize (about 1 to 1.5 per person). You take the pantyhose and cut the two legs apart from each other. You take an 8oz paper cup, fill it with flour and put it into the bottom of the pantyhose leg. Then you tie off the pantyhose with two square knots on top off each other, cut the pantyhose in between the knots and you have a snowless snowball. Repeat the process where the knot is still in the leg until you have used it all. You should get about 8 per leg from "queen size" hose. Now you have snowballs that do not hurt too bad when they hit you and you can use throw them over and over again. With these snowballs you can play any number of games. One is to have the group break up into two teams with a brave youth leader as the leader, or should I say target for each team. Split the area of play in half and have the leaders positioned a good ways away from each other in a designated place with only a little room to move around (a circle 4ft across is good). Then have the teams try and hit the other team's leader. If a person is hit with a snowball while on the enemies side, they have to drop their snowball and return to their territory. The team that ends up with the leader that has less flour on them is the winner. To make the game a little more interesting, suprise everyone by entering waterballons in as ammunition half-way through the game.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:46

Russian Soccer

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Not many rules to this game. This game is a cross between soccer, football, rugby, and wrestling. You can pass the ball, kick the ball, what ever. This game is loved by all. Rules: only the girls can score. Only the girls can tackle guys, but guys can tackle guys. The goal posts are 4-6 feet wide and the girls must make it totally between and through the posts to score a point. Game is best with 2 balls, it keeps things interesting! Start of by throwing the balls into a field that has the four corners marked off with sticks, bails etc. If the ball is out just throw it in, kick it in etc. this game is best on a freshly snowed area. This game takes lots of energy but you will be surprised at how long they will want to play it!!
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:46

Rogue Spear

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The Idea is the several rogue nations have taken hostages and the "Counterterrorists"(CT) need to rescue the hostages. Four to ten "Terrorists"(T) are volunteered and they go out to hide their "Hostage" (frizbee, etc.), they have two minutes to do so. They must stay ten paces away from the hostage and a max of fifty paces from it. Once the two minutes are up the CT have twelve minutes to find the hostages and rescue them. Since they've been ordered to be steathy the CT's cannot tag the T, only the T can tag. When a CT has been tagged he or she must go back to where the game began (Youth room, clearing in the woods, etc.), or "LandingZone" (LZ), and can then start again. If the CT's rescue a hostage, the Terrorist that was holding the hostage becomes a CT and hunts for the remainder of the hostages. The game ends either when all the hostages have been rescued and brought to the LZ, or when the twelve minutes are up. New volunteers can switch with the former T's and the game can start again. Try to keep the T's from all hiding together, like a two Terrorist per room or area rule, with all of them together it is very difficult to rescue the hostages.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:46

Pull Ups

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Put the group into a large circle of chairs. Pick 3 boys and 3 girls (you can pick more or less depending on the size of your group) to come into the center and remove their chairs. Have music ready. Instruct them that when the music starts they must find someone of the opposite sex and pull them up out of their chair, and sit in it - quickly. This person then must do the same, moving at least 3 chairs away from his/her previous position. Everyone must stop when the music stops. The winner is the group that has the fewest members in the circle. After a few rounds, have some helpers remove chairs before people sit down in them to make it a little more chaotic. It helps to set some rules about how hard to pull up people. Guys can't jerk girls arms out of their sockets and also must allow themselves to be pulled up, etc.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:46

Pole Game

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Another good game especially if you have active kids that need to burn off steam is one we call the pole game. First you need a pole or something about 3 feet long that will stand up and is not to hard to tip over. Get everyone in a circle around the pole holding hands. The object is to pull someone in and use them to knock over the pole without knocking it over yourself. If a person knocks over the pole they leave the circle, if the circle breaks the two people who let go leave the circle. It is a pretty active game and can get a little rough on less active people. The best part is that it gets very competitive and the rowdiest most energetic tend to stay in the longest keeping them busily occupied.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:45

Pillow Basketball

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Split your group into teams A and B. With each team having an equal amount of girls and guys. The guys from team A take the court first. All they have to do is make as many points as possible, (lay-ups, jumpers, three-pointers are all allowed) The girls from team B are to take the court armed with pillows. Their job is to do their best to make the guys miss, by beating the snot out of them with the pillows. They can hit the ball away, or just haul off and hit the fellas as they are shooting. After 2-3 minutes have the teams switch, team B's boys go on the court to shoot while team A's girls get the pillows. The time limit of 2-3 minutes is best cause, the girls don't realize how incredibly tired they get swinging pillows. It's a blast and the girls absolutely love getting a chance to beat on the guys and get away with it.
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