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Friday, 02 May 2003 12:43

LaVida Tag

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I don't know the actual name of this game, but our group learned it at Gordon College's 'LaVida' program. Break the group into two. Have them line up shoulder to shoulder facing the other group about 10 feet away. (This should make two rows of people standing side by side looking at each other 10' apart. Choose two people on the end. One is it the other gets chased. They have to run around and between the two lines of people until one is tagged. Boring, right? Here's where it gets fun. The person being chased can run up behind someone and push them into the middle where they become the one being chased. The person being chased can only make someone else run by pushing them into the middle from behind. Now 'IT' is outside the rows and the other person is inside. Let them play like this for a while until they get used to it.Now add this rule; If you are in the rows you can turn around and face the person trying to push you in and not allow them to change positions with you. Another option is to have the rows move until they are about 1 foot apart. (This makes it really difficult for the person being chased).
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:43

Lance Ball, Rain Ball

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Here is my favorite rainball. If it's not raining it is called Lance-ball. Equipment: 1 tennis racquet, baseball diamond or a makeshift one something to mark bases with, a ball made out of duct-tape Rules: Guys against Girls if you can. It is played similar to baseball. People are up to bat with the racquet in hand, the pitcher uses the duct-tape ball. Girls can go around the bases normally for the first "inning" then hop on one leg the next time they are up to bat, alternate. Guys hop on one leg for the first "inning" and then run normally, alternate. P.S.: I learned it with the guys always hopping and the girls always running normally but we changed it when we saw the girls always winning. If you see either team winning big time, change the hopping rule to fit.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:43

Kaos & Control

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I have found this activity to work well with teenagers 13 -15 years old. It involves simple equipment and lots of open space, like a park or an oval. Australian Rules football ovals have proved to be the best. An overview of the game is as follows. There are two teams, one called Kaos, and the other Control (as in 'Get Smart'). One team (team A) is equipped with one leg of a pair of stockings that have a small amount of flour in the end. The other team (team B) does not have these. Divide the oval in to two halves for each team. Team A has control of one of the halves, and B the other. The object of the game is for the members of team B to run through the members of Team A without getting hit by the stockings full of flour to a checkpoint or base at the other end. If they are hit, then they are taken prisoner by the other team. Both sides have a chance to run through the other side, and the winner is the team that gets the most people to the checkpoint. This game does require some old clothes and can be run with a large group of teenagers at a youth group, school or camp. I don't know if this game has any biblical basis, but is definitely a lot of fun for all.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:43

Indoor/Outdoor Monkey Baseball

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This game is played with as many people on a team as you want but must have a minimum of 10 on each side. Line up eight folding chairs to the right of the batters location. With the bucket at the far right end.Each team has their own pitcher and is allowed only one pitch per batter.When the ball is hit, eight players from the fielding team must run from the field and sit in each of the chairs. The ball is then thrown to the person sitting in the first chair. That person then places the ball on the ground and passes it to the next person using only their feet. Continue passing the ball down the line in like fashion until it reaches the end. Once the ball reaches the end, the last seated person must drop the ball into the bucket using only their feet. (You'll be amazed at how difficult this is w/ a wiffle ball!)Each side is allowed three outs. Outs are made when the batter misses their pitch, the ball is caught in the air, or the ball hits the pitcher.Runs are scored by batters running around the cones which are placed at home and roughly pitcher's mound (about 7 ft.) Once around the two cones equals a run. If the batting team bats through their line up before they make three outs, the teams switch sides.You can play as long or as short a game as you want, but typically two innings is standard.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:43

Human Football

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There can be any number of boys and girls on a team. The team on offense begins on the 20-yard line. They get 4 downs to score a touchdown. There are no additional 1st downs. The yardage is made as the ball is hiked to the QB who is then picked up and carried by the rest of the team down the field. The entire team must be joined together, either by carrying the QB or holding onto team members while carrying the QB. The defense begins each play lined up on their 1-yard line. When the ball is hiked, the defense locks arms and moves down field, when the 2 teams meet, they try to dislodge one of the offensive players from the rest of the team. When this is accomplished, the play is over, and the next down begins. If no TD is scored, the defense goes offensive and starts on their 20-yard line. Both teams must walk while the ball is in play and if the defense breaks its chain, they must reunite before proceeding down field
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:42

Hand Soccer

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This is a game that I played with my youth and they loved it. Place two cones about 7-8 ft. apart from each other just as if it was a goal. Place the other two on the other side of the field. You can determine the distance you want them apart. Split the teams evenly. If they can not be split up evenly, you may have a "neutral" player. The neutral player is on both teams. The object of the game is to throw the ball between the cones, or whatever you choose to use, without going over the goalie's head. After a team scores, the other team goes towards the other goal. This is non-stop until your youth get tired, or until you get tired. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Win you have the ball, you cannot run after you get tagged by the other team. If you get tagged, you have to shoot from where you are standing. But the object is not to get tagged, and keep passing the ball to your teammate until a player has an open shot. To make the game more exciting. With larger groups, have more than one ball. Gook Luck!!
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:42

H2O Whack

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Team up boys and girls, have enough water balloons for all teams. girls ride boys back with rolled up newsprint in hand while holding water balloon on top of boys head. No protecting balloon with hand. Object is to break opposing teams balloons by whacking the balloon with newsprint. Last team with un-broken balloon wins. This is a great way to cool off on a hot day, and have a blast doing it.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:42

Four Way Soccer

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Four teams are made up of 6 players each (this can be modified to accommodate different sized groups). Each team needs one captain and one goalie and each team is also assigned a color. Each team is given a ball which is painted with their "team color." The goalie of each team wears a belt with three flags of the "team's color." When a goal is scored against a goalie, a flag is removed from the goalie's belt and is given to the captain of the team which scored (indicated by the color of the ball that went through the goal). The winner of the game is the team that first receives a flag from every one of the other teams. Because defense is as important as offense, the game can be played until all but one of the team captains has every color. I was thinking of making each of the goals to represent gifts like "faith, hope, love and charity" instead of using colors or something like that.
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:42

Flour Wars

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Prior to playing, make up enough flour bombs to give each player about 6 to 10 bombs per game. The bombs are made by pouring about 1/2 cup of flour into a kleenex laid flat on the table. After that, gather the corners together and wrap the elastic (gum) band around the 4 free ends to contain the flour. You now have a bonb. Play like capture the flag. Each team has a goal which must be defended. We use orange plastic pylons as "flags". they need to be quite visible in the forest ravine that we play in. To defend your flags, you throw your flour bombs at the incoming enemy players. They can, likewise, throw theirs at you. Whoever gets hit first, (be honest) is out of the game for a time. They proceed to the established "hospital" where a leader is there to assess the damage and establish a hospital stay duration. A blow to the head is worth 5 minutes. Torso is 4 minutes. Arm or leg is 3 minutes. The leaders may also require the 'victims' to sing a silly song, or do something similar, to get out of the hospital. The person then returns to the game. After about 45 minutes, blow three whistles and call everyone back to some common meeting place. The team with the most "flags" wins. Leaders: be prepared to be pelted with left over bombs after the event is over. Please be good stewards of the environment by picking up all the discharged bombs. Everything eventually bio-degrades but since we do this every year, we don't want to get a bad name by leaving a big mess
Friday, 02 May 2003 12:41

Flamingo Football

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Announce that you're going to play "tackle football... guys against girls!" Then after the guys have calmed down, announce that the rules are the same as regular tackle football, except that the guys must hold one foot off the ground with one hand at all times. They must run, pass, hike, catch and even kick on one foot. The girls usually clobber the guys in this game.
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