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Friday, 02 May 2003 02:37

Capture the Flag With a Twist

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This is a combination of several games. Divide group into two teams. Object: to capture the other team's flag without being hit by a flour bomb. Designate people from each team to be "trees", "runners", "bombers", and "goalies". Each team needs only two goalies. Set up the playing field in a diamond, square..whatever. Have the teams make bombs out of cheesecloth and flour. Make the bombers stand around the perimeter of the field, make sure they do not enter the boundaries. Each bomber gets atleast 5 bombs. Have the "trees" stand in various places throughout the field. Have the goalies at either corners of the arrangement, guarding their flags. The runners must run from tree to tree without getting hit by a bomb. Whoever reaches the opposing side and retrieves the flag first, without getting hit by a bomb, wins.
Friday, 02 May 2003 02:36

Blob Tag

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start with one of two people who are it, depending on how many kids you have. Boundaries are set up and these people chase the others until they tag someone. When they tag someone they must hold hands and continue chasing people. When a group of four is formed they split into two groups of two. This goes on until only a few are left-then the command "blob unite" is shouted and the group all joins hands and works to surround the remaining people.
Friday, 02 May 2003 02:36


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The Blob begins innocently enough as a mere individual playing a game of tag. As soon as she catches someone, she joins hands with him. Now he's part of the Blob, too, and they both set out hand-in-hand in search of victims. Everyone the Blob catches (only the outside hand on either end of the Blob can snatch at players) joins hands with it and becomes part of the lengthening protoplasmic chain. And thus the insidious Blob keeps growing. Unlike your run-of-the-mill mad scientist created Blobs, this one is not content merely to ooze along, seeking its prey. It gallops around the field, cornering stray runners and forcing them to join up. (You'll have to agree on boundaries for this game; some people will go to any lengths to avoid meeting with an untimely end at the hands of the primordial slime). Moreover, the Blob can split itself into parts and, with its superior communal intelligence, organize raiding parties on the lone few who have managed to escape. The thrilling climax occurs when there's only one player left to put up a heroic last-ditch stand on behalf of humanity. But alas, there is no defense against the Blob, and humanity succumbs. (If that seems unfair, well, that's the plot.)
Friday, 02 May 2003 02:36

Air Raid

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First begin by marking out a starting line and a finishing line approximately 50 feet apart. Find 5 or 6 obstacles that are large enough to be hidden behind, for example a table or a wheelbarrow. Place the obstacles approx. 10 feet apart in a zig-zag pattern between the start and finish. Assign two people to be the "Bombers " and give them each a bucket full of water and about 10 small sponges. (It works good to cut those big sloppy car sponges into three and use those. It is also possible to use water balloons but I find that they create more garbage and hurt more which is sometimes a consideration). Place one of the "bombers' 10 feet past the finish line and one halfway between the lines. The object of the game is to get from the start to the finish without getting hit by a wet sponge by going from obstacle to obstacle. Obviously the job of the "bombers" is to try and hit the runners. The "halfway bomber" is only allowed to try and hit the runner until the runner has passed them and then they must cease fire. For every obstacle that the runner gets to they receive an assigned point value. Their total points equals their score. Everyone's wet, everyone's happy.
Friday, 02 May 2003 02:35

3D Kickball

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This is a fast moving version of kickball for large groups. This version enables everyone to get up to bat several times in a short period of time. The concept is the same as kickball except that you have three pitchers pitching to three kickers simultaneously. Once you are on base you do not have to advance a base unless you want. Therefore you can have several people on one base at a time. Instead of there being three outs we make it nine outs before the next teams gets up to bat. The defensive team can stand anywhere around the playing field. Try it and modify it to suit the needs of your group.
Friday, 02 May 2003 02:35

3 Ball Soccer

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Simply Count everyone off by two's as if you were playing soccer with even teams. Make sure you count the girls/guys seperately to ensure even teams. One ball represents the guys only, another ball the girls, and the third ball is co-ed. To make this an extra zinger...allow them to carry the balls for three steps and throw it. My group loves this! In smaller rooms where kicking a ball is n't cool exchange them for a frisbee!
Monday, 19 January 2004 16:23


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This is similar to ultimate frisbee in some rules. You can set up the field length depending on numbers. The field can be as wide as you like, usually no more than 30 feet or so. Each end lengthwise has a goal. You have a chair in the middle and then four chairs or cones place around it each one 5 steps from the center chair making four points of a circle. You can use a kickball or volleyball. The goal is for a team to move the ball down the field. You can only run if you do not have the ball. The person with the ball can move only on a pivot foot and has 5 seconds to throw it to a teammate. Once a teammate catches it they can take 3 steps to stop their momementum. They want to get as close to the goal as they can passing it down the field and then throw it at the chair in the middle of the goal. If it hits the chair without hitting the ground it's a point. A turnover occurs if the passing team drops the ball, holds it longer than 5 seconds after a catch, misses the goal on a shot, goes out of bounds or is intercepted. You can adjust the length of your field based on numbers. If you have many more than 20, divide into teams. Our youth of all ages LOVE this game. Here's an example of what the goal should look like x x x x x And the middle chair is the one to hit for a score.
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 09:31

Water Trash Ball

Mix between soccer, ultimate football, and basketball. Supplies needed: Round Ball 2 Trash Cans (HEAVY DUTY) 8 Cones Water supply Set two trashcans filled with water about 50 yards apart and 4 cones around each trashcan about 5-10 feet from the trashcan. No student can enter the coned off area, you may jump through it but you cannot be on the ground while you have the ball in your hand or are defending the ball Goal is to slam the ball into the opposing teams trashcan, while the defense tries to keep you out (without entering the coned area) To advance the ball up the field you may take 2 steps and then pass the ball by throwing it to a teammate (like ultimate), or you may put the ball on the ground and dribble it like a soccerball (if you do this you cannot pickit up to pass it, you must pass with your feet. Advance the ball up the field and slam the ball into the water-filled trash can, the wetter you get the defenders the better. Enjoy!
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 06:22

American Eagle 1-2-3

Best if guys and girls go in two different groups. Group lines up at one end of the playing field with one person "it" in the middle. The person in the middle says "go" and the group tries to make it to the other side without being "caught." The person in the middle tries to catch people by picking them up and saying "American Eagle 1-2-3." If they get picked up, they are now in the middle as well. This game is high impact and physical. Both genders enjoy it, but it may be best to separate them out for this game. :)
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