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Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:36

It was Five Bananas Long

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This game takes a bit of prep before the activity. You need to go out and measure 'random' things in an area. i did this in my hometown, in the centre of town with shops and parks etc. we took a measurement of a banana and then began to measure signs, objects, poles, statues, benches, a rotunda anything interesting, marking how many 'average' bananas in size it was. the next night, we split our small youth group into 2 groups and sent them out with each youth leader to measure the objects on the peice of paper. our kids ran from place to place and they had a lot of fun. we threw in a couple of extra bonus questions, like 'when was the church built, how many windows does the post office have' etc. it works with different ages, and they youth just loved the randomness of it all and the wierd looks from passer bys!
Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:30

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

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In searching for different ways to get our youth more familiar with using their Bibles. I looked up passages in the Bible containing animals that can be found in our local Zoo. We planned a day a the Zoo. They had to look up the passages, then find the animals at the Zoo. You can either have them take a picture (digital cameras are great) or have a leader sign off that the did find the animal. (can be hard on the leader, keeping up with a group of kids) You can make it more interesting by setting a time limit. I gave them passages that contained 15-20 animals, they had to find at least 12. (Giving them some wiggle room for animals not on display or feeding etc.) You can get a list of Animals in the Bible at
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:33

Bigger and better contest

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Begin by dividing your youth group into groups of 4-8 or so, and give each group a paperclip. Send the groups out to the surrounding neighbourhood going door to door asking people to trade them the paperclip for something bigger and/or better. They can say they are from your youth group (increasing your visibility) and describe what they are doing as a contest against the other groups. We had tonnes of fun doing this. We went from the paperclip to a pencil, to a doggy biscuit, a can o tomato soup, two bags of used clothes, a working computer scanner, then it just went nuts!! This event could turn into garage sale filling event, or even a fundraiser, either way, it is lots of fun (maybe have a vehicle that is accessable for large items). Enjoy.
Thursday, 19 January 2006 11:19


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Miners & Banditos Rules of Play Object: For Miners to get jewels from field of play into bank. Meanwhile, Banditos try to get jewels into cave. Play this game after dark anywhere it is safe for students to hide and to chase each other. Establish boundaries and playing rules with your group. The game is a little complex at first so it might help to have several people acting as sheriffs or deputies who can help explain the game as it is being played. Sponsors or more mature youth should be the sheriffs and deputies. Purchase a big bundle of chemical glow sticks, at least ten for each player. The kind that you break and shake and then they will glow for several hours. Get a variety of shapes and sizes if you want. While the players are inside learning the rules or working on something else have someone activate the glow sticks and distribute them throughout the playing area. Designate one small area as the miner’s bank and another one on the opposite end of the playing area as the bandito’s cave. Designate a third small area as the jail and a fourth on the opposite side of the playing area as the slave camp. Divide your group into miners, bandito, and sheriffs (the sheriffs can have deputies if your group is large). I would have more miners than banditos and only 5% to 10% of the group should be lawmen. If possible, use sponsors as the lawmen. You will need four other helpers to be scorekeepers, one at the miner’s bank and one at the bandito’s cave, one at the jail and one at the slave camp. The miners will be trying to “mine” or pick up the glow sticks and carry them to their bank. The banditos will try to steal the jewels from the miners by tagging them. Banditos must wear dew rags. Banditos may NOT pick up jewels from field of play. They can only get them by capturing a Miner (by tagging one with one hand anywhere appropriate on the body). Miners must have glow sticks in their hands and the hands cannot be covered in any way. Banditos can tag miners with or without glow sticks. If a Bandito tags a Miner the Miner must stop. When a Bandito tags a Miner the Bandito has three choices but he/she may only pick one. The choices are, 1) send Miner to slave camp (where a scorekeeper will record the capture--see sample score sheets below), 2) take Miners jewels to bandito’s cave (where a scorekeeper will record them) and let the miner go free, 3) take Miner to sheriff and “trade” him/her for another Bandito. The Bandito must stick with his/her choice. For example, if the Bandito takes the Miner to the sheriff and the sheriff says there are no Banditos in jail then the Miner still goes free. Miners may voluntarily go to the slave camp in order to free a miner already imprisoned (a scorekeeper will record this each time). Only lawmen can capture banditos and they may do it verbally, they do not have to tag them. If the sheriff tells a Bandito to go to jail, then the Bandito must do it right away. If the bandito has jewels in his/her possession the sheriff (or deputy) takes them and puts them in the miner’s bank, bandito’s cave, or back on the field of play (but do it discreetly). Miners may NOT ask or tell the sheriff to send anyone to jail or to free anyone. The sheriff may remove anyone from slave camp or jail anytime he/she feels like it. If the sheriff sees a Bandito tag a Miner and the sheriff tags the Bandito before the Bandito has decided what to do with that Miner, then the Miner is automatically free. The sheriff may take jewels from anyone at any time. He/she then either puts them in the Miners bank, the Banditos cave, or back on the field of play (but it should be done in secret). When a miner makes it safely to the bank with jewels, or a bandito makes it safely to the cave with jewels the scorekeeper will record the deposit. If you wish, you may make varying sizes and shapes of glow sticks worth different points. After a time limit or after there are too many players in jail or slave camp, stop the game and see who scored the most points. You could play multiple rounds and you could have players switch teams. Bandito Scoresheet Place checks in the boxes for each prisoner and each “jewel”. Prisoners Jewels Score one point for each prisoner: Score five points for each jewel: TOTAL POINTS: Miner Scoresheet Place a check in the box for each jewel. Jewels Place a check in the box for each prisoner set free. Prisoners released Score five points for each jewel: Score ten points for each prisoner set free: TOTAL POINTS:
Wednesday, 31 March 2004 10:15

Dosball (also known as Seven-Base Kickball)

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This is a kickball styled game using bases and any ball that you can kick...we suggest a playground ball (not a soccer is too hard): Setup: Ok, so you have home base, the pitcher's base, and other bases scattered approximately where the real three bases (like softball) are supposed to be, plus the extra bases wherever they may fit (they aren't necessarily in the normal gaps or evenly spaced). We like to put one base very far away and make it worth extra points (see scoring). Rules: Two teams of equal size. We usually have a staff person as the pitcher for both teams. One team in the field and the other team batting (kicking). Once the kicker kicks, baserunners are out if the fielding team gets the ball to the pitcher before they get on a base (makes double plays really easy!). So to be safe, you have to be on a base when the pitcher gets the ball! A runner can run to any base in any order, except that you can't choose the pitcher's base as the first base to run to. (In case you were wondering, yes, occasionally the pitcher does have to pitch with a runner right next to him.) You can only go to a base once. You do not have to go to all the bases…you only have to go to one. The kicking team gets to kick all the way through their lineup, no matter how many outs they have. If the last kicker in the lineup gets on base and there are teammates who made it safely home before, they can kick again. So, theoretically, a person could bat numerous times. Otherwise, if all of the previous kickers got out, then the last kicker has the responsibility of touching a base and trying to come home (because he can't just stay out there on the bag with no one to kick after him). A caught ball is an automatic out on the kicker, and if there are other runners not on a base when the ball is caught, they are out too. Originally there were no foul lines, but after awhile we decided that would probably be helpful. So foul lines run between home plate and the nearest base on either side (usually close to normal softball foul lines). We didn't allow doubling up runners on the bases since you can run to any open base in any order. Scoring: Each base they touch is worth one point. If you touch pitcher base, then your points double. Depending on how far out you put your far away base, you can assign appropriate points. We like to put it very far away and give it a large amount of points (something like 10 or 15). Points don't count until the runner gets home. If the runner gets out, his points do not count. Time: It depends on how long you want to play, but we usually try to play at least 2 innings. Just keep them even. The more people, the longer the innings, so you may have to modify and limit the number of times that someone can bat in an inning. If you have questions, please email me…this has been a favorite…especially with junior/middle schoolers!
Thursday, 01 May 2003 12:00

Your Youth Group Goes Hollywood

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Divide group into a couple teams. Within a certain time period (1 hour?), each team is assigned to come up with an original video presentation depicting some aspect of their Christian life. Give a 10 minute time limit for each "movie." Later after everyone is done, watch the final product together... Our youth group wanted to watch the videos over and over. The winning video was shown during our youth worship service.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 12:00

Y You Look Good Today

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This game isn't really called "Y you look good today" I just wanted to have the only game in the 'Y' section. It's called Q-Tip Wars. You pick one person in your group to be a target. They wear goggles, a garbage bag around their waste and a shirt that you've drawn on that is divided into different point sections. Then you split the rest of your group into 4 teams and give each team their own bowl of food colouring and each person gets a straw and 5 q-tips. Let each team go separatly and have the team dip their q-tips into the food colouring and blown out the straws hitting the target for points. You can add up the points at the end by the different coloured marks on the shirt. Award each winning team member a pet turtle just because I like turtles and everyone should own a turtle, even if they smell... What a game! You'll be a star!
Thursday, 01 May 2003 12:00

Wrap & Run

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Divide your youth group into two equal teams or more. Give each team an equal size sheet. Tell each team that they must choose someone who they think is the lightest in their team and that person must lay down in the sheet. On "Go" the groups must run a relay (that you choose) carrying the person in the sheet. Each team member must be carrying the person wrapped in the sheet and no one can put him/her that is in the sheet on his shoulders or back. This game is over very quickly, but it turns out great.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 12:00

Water Balloon Volleyball

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Divide up into two teams. Give each team a sheet and tell them to spread it out. Each of them should be holding part of the sheet. The object of the game is to volley the water balloons back and forth using the sheet to catch and launch the balloon to the other side of the net. If the balloon breaks, the serving team gets a point. This is a great game for getting the kids to work together.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 12:00

Water Balloon Toss

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just like ye olde egg toss! Really full balloons are the best! These can be filled earlier in the day (a good job for parents who volunteer to help) and kept in coolers to minimize breakage - and they won't leak on the Youth Office carpet!
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