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Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:50

Dragon Game

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Split the group into two parts. Get them into line and have them wrap their arms around the waist of the person in front of them forming a long chain. Stick a rag or handkerchief in the back pocket of the last person. The goal is for the front person of one group to get the 'tail' of the other, while the tail of the group tries to avoid getting caught.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:49

Death Ball

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Get the youth to form two circles, a large one on the outside and a small on on the inside. Put the earth ball in between the outside circle and inside circle. Get the youth to push the earth ball in a clockwise direction. When the ball has picked up a bit of speed get a leader to tap the shoulder of a person in the outside circle. The person who is tapped has to step into the middle of the two circles with the ball.The person who is in the middle has to outrun the moving ball by running faster than it, around the inside of the circle in a clockwise direction and then get back to their position in the circle without getting runnover or squashed by the moving ball. It is quite fun to tag the person so they have to step out just in front of the ball and run for their life.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:49


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Take the 10' x 25' plastic sheet and cut it in half lenght ways. Secure the tarp to a nice grassy location. (note: try not to secure it with anything that would stick out of the ground like a spike. Try a orange cone or sand bag, something visible.) Before bring youth to the curling ring, wet the tarp and squirt a good bit of soap at the take off area. Curling is a game of distance and accuracy played on Ice with a large round object that is shoved down the ice. In water curling the object is a teen and the pushers are two other team members. Have the disignated team member lay down on the tarp on their belly knees bent and feet up, ( works best when they are already wet :-)), then have the two pushers grab the teen by the feet and begin to push the teen. You must set a cut off point where they must let go of the teen and let them sail. Winner is the team/teen who sails the longest. Note: works best also when a youth leader keeps plenty of water and soap on the course.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:49

Crossroads Trust Game

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Get 5 volunteers and tell them to wait outside and that they'll be doing a work out. Get one person as the instuctor. Keep the sponge under a chair in a bucket. Tell a person to come in. Have the instructor say what ever I do you must repeat. Then have The instructor hold out their arms out or some other exercise. Then have the instructor tell them to do jumping jacks. While the person is up have another person take out the sponge and put it on the chair that the volunteer sits on while he or she isn't looking. Then have the instructor sit down. This is so funny especially when you see the look on their face. 4 out of 5 people fell for it.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:49

Create a Game Game

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This is for one of those nights when you had a really long week and no time to prepare an icebreaker. If you pitch this with a lot of enthusiasm, your kids just might buy it. Break up into teams of 5-8 and give them some random materials you found lying around that nobody was using. Tell them the game is for each team to create a game out of the materials given them. Have them write it out, then get back together and have each group present their game. Vote on which one is worthy to be played that night and give it a whirl. You can save the others for another night or just spend the whole night playing games, whatever. Then maybe you can encourage them to post their new creations on
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:48

Cheeto Head

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Choose at least 4 volunteers ( more if your group is larger than 15). Group off in pairs. One of the volunteers in each group must have a plastic bag taped tightly around the top of their head( not covering their face, you evil youth pastors!. THEN spray the shaving cream on top of their heads forming a full head of shaving cream. Then the other volunteer in the pair will throw 20 cheetos at the volunteer. The object is to get the most cheetos on the other person's head. *** Rules**** The player with the head of shaving cream cannot leave their feet or move their bend their heads ( they must keep their heads straight at all times.), but they move their bodies to catch the cheetos.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:48


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Divide players into two teams. Mark the Start and Finish lines about 30 feet apart. Teams line up with one person behind the other, facing the finish line. Next, players sit down and wrap their legs around the person in front to form the body of the centipede. Players' arms become the legs. When the leader says "Go," players lift with their arms and begin to push the centipede toward the finish line. If players become separated, they must try and reconnect. The winning centipede must completely cross the finish line with all its players connected
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:48

Cat and Mouse Morph

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This game has no purpose or plan except to have your teens run around and expend energy (this makes it great for lock-ins). Have teens get in pairs and then spread out all over the room or gym. They all lay down on their backs. Choose one person to start off as the cat and another the mouse. You start off playing it like tag. If the cat catches the mouse, you can give them a prize. But here's the catch, the mouse can run up to one of the pairs of teens that are laying down on the floor. The "mouse" can lay down next to the pair and be safe. When this happens the game "morphs" or changes. The "cat" now becomes the "mouse." The person on the opposite side of where the first "mouse" laid down is now the "cat." It takes only a minute or two to catch on, but then it is a lot of fun. This will keep them running and laughing for a long time. It provides some great video opportunities and the teens will talk about it for the rest of the night.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:48

Bucket Drop

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Easy pleaser. Three or four kids lay on their back in a circle with their feeting kind of up in the middle making a table with their feet. A full bucket of water is placed on the "Table" and the challenge is for them to remove their shoes one by one. You can make it easier or harder by increasing or decreasing the amount of people or water and always watch for those white shirts!
Thursday, 01 May 2003 11:48

Broom Ride

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You need three brooms approximately the same size. Have three teams each line up behind a designated line with their broom. When you say "ride," each team must stay behind the line and put as many players as possible on its broomstick. Then players must "ride" the broom to a chosen end point. The riders must return to the starting line if anyone falls off the broom. If all the players don't fit on the broom, one person must run back on the broom to get the other players.
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