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Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:45

Water Balloon Soccer

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Divide the group into as many teams of 10-15 as you can. Before the game fill a minimum of three water balloons per team member. Also prepare one hat or helmet per team: with duct tape, affix tacks (point out) to a helmet or cap. The hat is then placed on an X on the ground about 20 feet from the starting line. On a signal the first person in line for each team runs to the hat and puts it on. the second person in the line lobs a balloon in the air towards the first person, who attempts to break the balloon with the hat. If the first balloon misses then they use the second one and third one. If he still doesn't puncture a balloon then he puts the hat down, goes to the end of the line and the next team member dons the hat. The first team to cycle through their line wins.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Water Balloon Dodgeball

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Divide group into 2 teams; one team throws at other group who is standing against a wall; group throws until all other team members have been hit then switch teams
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Water Balloon Darts

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Find a side of a hill and spray paint a bulls eye on it. Each ring is labeled so many points. Then fill up about 200 to 300 water balloons and mix with it the special ingredients. Then split the into even teams. Each team has a designated toss man/woman. The rest of the team stands inside the bulls eye and holds the fork up. They cant not reach out and try to poke the water balloon it must come to them. Where ever the water balloon bursts that team gets that number of points. Each team gets 10 tosses. ( the smaller the bulls eye the better.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Water Ball Samurai

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The object of this game is to hit the other team's samurai with a water-soaked foam ball as many times as possible in one minute. Materials needed: wiffle bat, foam ball (at least six), water buckets (3), a step stool (from a water fountain), time keeper and point counter, chalk or tape. Make boundaries for the game by drawing or marking with tape a six-foot diameter circle. Place the low stool in the center of the circle. 15 feet outside the circle place three buckets on a line. Divide the group into teams of 5 or 6 players and have each team select a samurai. The samurai from the defending team stands on the stool and may not step off during the round. The remainder of the team position themselves on the perimeter of the circle to protect their samurai. The must stay on the line of the circle. Their samurai defends himself from the water balls with the wiffle bat. The opposing team stands behind the water bucket line and throws the water soaked balls at the samurai., attempting to hit him. If a ball falls short of the circle the thrower may run and retrieve it who can either take it back to the bucket line or re-throw it from where he is standing. The opposing team may not enter into the circle. The round is one minute or all of the water balls are inside the circle. One point for each time the samurai is hit and one point for every time he is knocked off the stool. If you have a large group have several different bucket line going.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Walk the Line

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Our local fire department would come out with one of their tankers for this game - they would shoot a huge water stream out of the front of the truck - very powerful - and we gave a prize to the youth who could walk the closest to the truck before being forced off line by the water. We'd also let some youth do it in small groups. (We contacted our fire station at least 2 weeks in advance - my understanding was that they would empty and refill the tanker occasionally anyway, so we'd have them empty it in our church parking lot for this event. We did not live in an area requiring water conservation).
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44


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This game is a good one for the new kids. You have the youth lay on their back on a table or counter. You give them a towel you have made into a cylinder to hold ever their face. Now you give them some simple instructions to follow and have them practice. Left Periscope - Move the towel to the left. Right Periscope - Move the towel to the right. Down Periscope - Pull the towel down to you face. Up Periscope - Pull the towel back up.Now once you have practiced tell them that now they are in their own sub. Begin the moves listed above. After a few moves you yell "DIVE DIVE DIVE" and dump a bucket or glass of water into their face. Most of them will sit there and go "How do I dive??"
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Soap Shrink

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Good for any group size. Divide your group into any number of teams. Give each team a large, new bar of soap. Provide one or more kiddy pools filled with water -- enough pools so that one person from each team has access to one. (**I used water buckets -- one for each team**) On "GO" have teams race to shrink their bars of soap without breaking them. Team members will need to take turns furiously "washing their hands" to shrink the soap. If a bar of soap breaks, it's disqualified. (**I allowed them to start over with a new bar of soap and try to catch up**) Call time after five minutes. The team with the smallest bar of soap wins. (**This worked as an indoor game pretty well -- although a little messy. But the clean-up was easy and fun with mops**) Award hotel-size bars of soap to winning team members. Take this a step further and add a brief study of Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a pure heart, O God" or other "cleansing" verses.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Shoe Shucking Race

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Divide into groups of 6 (girls must wear pants). Each team member must lie on his back with his feet in the air, meeting in the center of the circle. A container of water (dishpan) is placed on the elevated feet. The object is for each member to remove his shoes without spilling the water. the team to win is the one with the most shoes off after 3 minutes.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:44

Musical Squirt Gun

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Can be played with a group ranging from 6 - 30. Group sits in a circle on chairs or on the floor. A loaded squirt gun is passed around the circle until the music stops or the leader says "Stop!" The person who is holding the squirt gun at the time must leave the game, but before he leaves, he can squirt the person on the left twice or the person on the right twice or each person once. The chair is removed, the circle moves in and the game continues. Last person remaining is the winner. The gun must be passed with 2 hands and received with 2 hands. It is best to have another loaded gun standing by for when the 1st runs out. Emphasize only 2 squirts!!!
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:43

Messy 4-Square

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4-square is the elementary school game that divides the playing area (8'x8') into 4 quadrants. a playground ball is passed underhand to other quadrants and the ball must first bounce once and then be returned underhand to one of the other 3 squares w/o touching a line. the object is to keep the ball out of your square. an infraction results in a non-participant (waiting in line) taking the space and the participant returning to the line waiting to play. we make it more competitive by moving up into the quadrant of the infraction, with the goal of getting into square #1 (the server). the new player begins in square #4. Messy 4-Square uses a bucket of rags that's filled with ice water, Yuck, pudding, etc. put the bucket in the center of the 4 quadrants - the ball can never touch the bucket. when a player is not busy returning the ball they can choose to reach into the bucket and soak another player for the pure enjoyment of it. the rules don't change for Messy 4-Square, it just gets a little more interesting while you're waiting for the ball to come to you.
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