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Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:43

Fill the Bucket

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have two (or more) teams line up relay-style. In front of the first player on each team have a small bucket. At a distance, have a large tub of water. Using a Dixie cup, the first player on each team runs to the tub, gets a cup of water, and returns to dump it in his team's bucket. Then the next person goes - until one team's bucket is full (depending on the size of the teams, players will probably go several times). Voice of Experience (but don't tell the kids) - if they quickly but calmly WALK back with their full cup, they spill less and usually win over the teams that run faster, because they spill so much water.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42

Exhausted Water War

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Fill up wash tub with water, spray a 15 foot diameter circle around the bucket, have kids bring there own water guns. The cicle is "BASE" but you can only stay in the circle long enough to fill there guns and then they have to get out and play. TO begine the game have 1/2 of the kids fill there guns with water and have them go ahead and start spraying each other while the others franticly try to fill there guns. Play till 1) there is no water or 2) every one is sick of it or 3) The Rapture takes place, and in that case I think we would all rather be there rather than here. Have fun and Be blessed.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42

Drowned Rat

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Have two volunteers from the students start at one side of the play area and everyone else in your group on the other side. When you say start the two rats starting coming across the field having to pick-up as many waterballoons as they can. Give them a little while to start picking them up. Then say chase. When you say that all of the students on the other side run out picking up all of the other waterballoons in the field and throw them at the two rats. The two rats can throw their waterballoons at anyone WHO HAS A WATERBALLOON IN THEIR HAND. They cannot hit anyone who doesn't have a waterballoon in hand, not even if they just threw a waterballoon at them. If a rat hits one of the others without a waterballoon then they are captured and whoever they hit gets to soak them with the water from the hose. This game is good to teach them about how peer pressure and if we are not connected with more strong christians then we are going to be bomb-barded with the enemy's schemes and feel like we are being hit on everyside and we can't see how to get out of it.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42

Double Dare (Gross)

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Another one that's been fun (even with the setup [and cleanup] involved... It's based on the old TV show "Double-Dare" -- you set up an obstacle course for the teams to do kind of a tag-team thing. The object is to find your teams flags throughout the obstacle course and be the first ones to pin them on the youth pastor. The typical things for the obstacle course are going over/under chairs, running through tires, etc. The fun starts when they have to dig for their flag in a huge bowl of cheap dog food mixed with water (and left standing for about 1/2 hour), dig through vats of solidified Jell-O, (even modify the bobbing for marshmallows to hold the flags for a team), have balloons covered in whipped cream that must be popped to get the flag, etc. We've set it up with 4 flags per team (so there were 4 students on a team). On the word "Go" the first person completes part of the course and digs through the dog food until they find their team's flag, then they run back to the starting line, and the second person completes part of the course (having to dig in the Jell-O for the flag. They run back and the third person goes. Once all 4 flags have been found they must attach them to the youth pastor.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42

Deep Sea Diving

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Supplies for each team (of over 5 people): a.) Garbage can full (I mean full) of water b.) empty bucket c.) timer or stopwatch d.) a measuring cup The object is to be the team that holds their breath the longest AND gets the most water in the bucket. Time starts and the first team member puts their head fully underwater for as long as possible. Once they are done, they immediately move over and try and ring as much of the water from their hair into the bucket. Also, when they're done, then next team member in line needs to step up to the can right away (so you can just keep the watch running to keep track of time underwater). HINT: Most people don't have trouble running out of oxygen, but having to much CO2; if a person exhales a bit while underwater, they can last longer. When the whole team has had a chance to hold their breath and to strain water from their hair into the bucket, stop the watch and measure how many ounces of water are in the "hair bucket." Take the total time and multiply it by how many ounces of hair water there is (total time x total ounces = final score).
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42


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Take the 10' x 25' plastic sheet and cut it in half lenght ways. Secure the tarp to a nice grassy location. (note: try not to secure it with anything that would stick out of the ground like a spike. Try a orange cone or sand bag, something visible.) Before bring youth to the curling ring, wet the tarp and squirt a good bit of soap at the take off area. Curling is a game of distance and accuracy played on Ice with a large round object that is shoved down the ice. In water curling the object is a teen and the pushers are two other team members. Have the disignated team member lay down on the tarp on their belly knees bent and feet up, ( works best when they are already wet :-)), then have the two pushers grab the teen by the feet and begin to push the teen. You must set a cut off point where they must let go of the teen and let them sail. Winner is the team/teen who sails the longest. Note: works best also when a youth leader keeps plenty of water and soap on the course.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:42

Cube of Wetness

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Get a couple volunteer to do the game. Then give them one of those children's cubes, the yellow ones with 3 shapes cut out of each side, and with a flip top lid. Give one of the kids a squirt gun (Super Soakers work great). And have the other one sit down on a stool. Set a time limit for them to dump all the shapes in their lap and put them back through the holes. (45-60 seconds usually works best) Get some music started (Mission Impossible's what my youth pastor uses) and have them start. If some of the shapes fall on the floor, put them back on their laps. If the kid doesn't get all of the shapes in the holes in the time limit, then the other guy gets to squirt him! Then they switch. Other than a super soaker my youth pastor has also used a pie in the face and "The Hot Seat" (a seat that shocks you with a 9 volt battery). You get the idea
Sunday, 18 January 2004 02:24

Crossroads Trust Game

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Get 5 volunteers and tell them to wait outside and that they'll be doing a work out. Get one person as the instuctor. Keep the sponge under a chair in a bucket. Tell a person to come in. Have the instructor say what ever I do you must repeat. Then have The instructor hold out their arms out or some other exercise. Then have the instructor tell them to do jumping jacks. While the person is up have another person take out the sponge and put it on the chair that the volunteer sits on while he or she isn't looking. Then have the instructor sit down. This is so funny especially when you see the look on their face. 4 out of 5 people fell for it.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:41

Bucket Drop

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5{. Three or four kids lay on their back in a circle with their feeting kind of up in the middle making a table with their feet. A full bucket of water is placed on the "Table" and the challenge is for them to remove their shoes one by one. You can make it easier or harder by increasing or decreasing the amount of people or water and always watch for those white shirts!
Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:41

Balloon Madness

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What you have to do is divide the group into 2 groups.Then each team gathers around the sheet,but leave one side open (short side)then the youth leader puts a small water balloon on 1 teams sheet.that team throws the balloon into the other teams sheet.the other team has to catch it in their sheet if they do they get a point,if they dont they don't get a point.Sounds easy huh well not quite.The youth leader dosen't let the other team see him put a big water balloon on one of the teams sheet,and they throw that.Which ever team has the most points wins!
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